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The American Civil War photos in the Library of Congress are an important historical archive of not only the war between the states but the history of the United States in the second half of the 19th century.  

But the pictures tell only part of the story.  Information about the weapons, politics, people, uniforms, battles, regiments, strategies, customs, etc. need to be added to frame the photographs in full. That is where you come in.

We have captured the pictures and presented them in a format where information can be added by users via Comments.  You can add photographs that you own (no copyright violations please) to a Comment if they are relevant to the posted picture.

If you have additional information about any of the photographs that would be educational to our users, please join us and share it with them. Many students use this website as a resource to learn the history of the Civil War.  Anything that you could add that would further their education would be appreciated. 


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